What time is the best for nature walks?

Today i happened to take a walk in the morning hours and it was amazing.

The morning climate was soo cool with a cold breeze from trees along the road since i was walking besides the forest.

There were soo many Cyprus trees and eucalyptus which are very tall and you can see the smoothness of their stems and brances from afar.

The fresh breeze from the trees sending you their intoxicating scent mixed with some other scent from several brances gets to your nostrils and it attracts you to go closer and deeper to their roots.

When you step on the leaves, then you get the crunchy feeling that you want to continue stepping and crunching again and again.The air was really fresh since there was not much activities as of then plus the fresh air from the trees.

Different kinds of birds flying from one tree to another,different colors and singing those great melodies as they always do to quench our thirst for them and to complete our mood and relax our minds not forgetting the monkeys jumping from one tree to the other , following them from one branch to another as they play.

I happened to take a walk again in the evening but at a different location,with the best view of the sky.At the begging of the walk,it seemed like it would rain in a few minutes and there was that fresh breeze from the clouds but then it didn’t rain,the clouds opened after a few minutes and the sky became clear.

A few stars in the sky,and a few white clouds which seemed to be hanging on each other clearly visible.

The sound from the crickets, frogs and even grasshoppers drew me away from the clouds and wished the small insects would be visible at that time so that i can just see and take a picture of one.The trees were very calm at this time not giving the strong aromatherapy though i could still smell it freshly.You know Nature has its way always.

which time do you prefer for the nature walks? let me know your experience in the comments

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