Have you ever watched these little ants….

Today in the morning i woke up very lazy abd tired after yesterday’s travel to the village.

Just like how you wake up without any plans of the day coz you went to the village to take a nap from the hustles and bustles of the city.

As i was led by the birds flying around a certain place just near an avocado tree and i got curious to go have a check on it,i thought there might have a few ripe avocados which have fallen down and the birds are feasting on them.

When i was heading there, stepping on the dry acocado tree leaves,and some which are still not very dry and cranchy the sound that came from it is just soo amazing that i want to step on those leaves for a few more minutes and at that time am already smiling.

I get under the tree and get a few avocados down while the birds are feasting on them as i had already thought because that’s always what they do.

Then the ants..oh those very tiny animals which when they bite you…oh you will scream,they are also feeding on the ripe avocados.

The thing tha attracts me most is some the birds are eating avocados and the ants at the same time but the aints still coming over more and more and wonder why they can’t just run away from their predators but Then i realize its a food chain and this has to happen so that our environment can be safe.

I move away from the ants and head to seat on the grass near the cow shed,and the Cow just wakes up yawns and then it urinates before it screams for some food.

I throw some well cut Napier grass where the cow feeds from and when i get to sit back at fhe same spot,My eyes gets attracted by some other small ants carrying the soil from small holes and other getting inside with white little things on their heads which i believe to be food looking like they are just constructing their mansions from the ground,they are soo much in a hurry and looks like they’ve been doing this since before morning and its already getting better.

Maybe av been staring at them for a decade that’s what i thought when i heard my mum shouting my name again to go take my breakfast.

Watching these tiny ant’s might be just my new hobby …

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