Will you marry me

“Céline,will you marry me”? he asks while on his knees,I look at him and look at the ring he is holding up,a drop of tear comes down to my cheeks and inside my mouth, I feel the sour taste of the tear and i wipe off the tears and try to calm down.

Jerry repeats the question again and i just accept his proposal and shout to the top of my voice,”yes yes I will marry you”. he immediately stands up and puts the ring on my finger,hugs me soo tight and kisses my forehead….”you just made me the proudest man in this universe today” he says.

We look at each other and stare for a moment and then he smiles and i can see his perfect straight dental formula which looks like he had been in braces for the rest of his life.I stare at him and his eyes are just perfect,he kisses my forehead and his scent intoxicating so i just find myself hugging him not wanting to let go….I guess i just want to bury myself in him forever.

“Come on love lets take a walk”,he says holding my hand.Its almost 7pm and there is this fresh breeze,my hair is is blowing backwards and some to my forehead,Jerry puts my hair behind my ears all the time and keep kissing my forehead at any given chance he gets…

We walk for more than twenty minutes then he asks,” are you ready for a Little surprise”? mmh i am….”okey close your eyes you not allowed to open hmm”.i nod my head in acceptance of what he said .

As we are walking,he is holding my hand while he is leading the way.I can smell fresh roses eucalyptus plant and a few other mixed flowers which i guess we are in a flower farm bur the terrain says otherwise.

He stands and i stand too and he says “open your eyes” and before i could open my eyes completely,there is a cheerful screams saying congratulations and am shocked at first and i open my eyes just to see my sisters and Jerry’s brother and a few of our friends congratulating us.

Besides them is a well manicured flower garden with different kinds of flowers with different colors and the area is filled with trees which gives this environment a cool and welcoming feel.

Jerry takes my hand and directs me to my seat before he pulls the seat for me to sit and he sits next to me with the smile on his face everyone asking “how did it go?”

“Am starving,” i say to Jerry and asks the male chef to do what they had agreed before. He comes back after a few minutes with “nyama choma ” and a few bottles of wine aand a champagne.

Jerry pops up the champagne and puts in each and every glass then we Cheers to our union,Just when am about to put the glass in my mouth, “Celine,how many times have i called you hmm?Let me not repeat your name again in this house or else”…oooh I wake up and i look at the environment i am at,my bedroom under my duvet.Ooh not again why do i have to deal with this dream everyday…….

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