Would you prefer a staycation at a rural cottage or The capital’s hotel accomodation.?

Unless you are having a flight to catch up with early in the morning,or at the middle at the night, a rural cottage would do.

When you are looking for a staycation environment,am sure you prefer that quiet, relaxing environment which is away from the hustle and the bustles of the cities,Away form Noise,air pollution,poor drainage, traffic especially at this time of fuel shortage.

Take for example,Limuru.This is a hidden gem which is just at the outskirts of Nairobi and has great scenaries,huge green tea plantations which are well manicured,a few golf courses,deep clean environment with clean fresh air, Rivers,both man-made and natural lakes among others

The terrain of Limuru gives you a glimpse of how the nature has its way of inclusiveness of each and every bit of its sorrounding where each and everything is at its natural place.

Most of the hotels and cottage’s in this area are built in the middle of either manmade forests or the natural ones where you get a relaxing fresh air with the smell of flowing clean rivers mixed with that of different types of trees in the forest.And in the morning, when you take a walk through the forest,there is that calming aroma of the dew mixed with the soil in the forest where trees have shed off their leaves mixing it up emitting the fresh smell that is calming to the brain.

At the end of the forest,there is a small river with fresh water flowing, When the water hits the small rocks,it creates clear water bubbles which takes your breath away and you can stand there for eternity watching it.You get attracted by the small clear stones at the floor of the River and you bend to pick it up, The smooth effect on your hand makes you bend again and collect a few more and you just have that feeling of putting one in your mouth but you don’t..

In the evening you decide to take a bike ride around the area and you have the privilege to view all the attractive valleys,hills,forests ,tea plantations and one of the lakes around before citing the far away golf course.

Please take some few firewood on your way back for a nice natural bonfire under the moon at your last night of your stay here….

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