Staycation at The Ndakaini dam resort.

I am sure you already imagining having a dinner in the middle of the forest, Infront of a dam ,the sky is soo clear for you to see the moon coming out from its hiding place striking it’s rays at the water Infront of you,accompanied by the stars in a clear dark sky.

Ndakaini is one of the cultured natural resources in Kenya,with the dam being sorrounded by millions of trees becoming man-made forest.

It is a half and hour drive from the Kenya’s Capital,Nairobi to Muranga county,Gatanga sub county.

When you branch from the super highway heading to Gatanga,you are welcomed by huge flower farms,all different colors,forests and water dams filled with water lilies where some of them are blooming and others are budding.

The fresh air and the cold breeze that hits your face when you lower your car windows is just another thing and then the fresh smell of the trees fills the car and you forget all the smell of the petrol from the gas station you had just passed by.

when you’re almost at the Ndakaini shopping center,you drive through the forest though the road is well tarmacked and then you can see the end of the dam itself, sorrounded by millions of trees and you can imagine how the sight looks.

The entrance of the resort is as simple as a rural motel but when you get to the compound,The breeze from the dam blows your face and the hair makes one look like a fairly and by the way….if you had your wigs on they will be gone with the fresh blowing breeze am sure you don’t want that to happen.

The outdoor seating arrangement which is directly to the dam is just stunning, though its a bit sloppy and the dam starts just a few meters away but don’t think much,The green ,well manicured grass would make you remove your sandals and just step on the grass itself,you know it just gives you that calming effect to all your body.

In the evening,when the sun is setting just hitting the water and reflecting it to your body… just have to take a few shots accompanied by two tik tok videos.

After the dinner,you take a walk across the compound,get a sight of those old rattan chair and decided to take a seat and watch the colorful sky while meditating on your life.

Since you wouldn’t want leave this amazing location without the sight of everything, after breakfast you take a bike to the outlet of the Ndakaini dam,then you go around the dam like how the Ndakaini half marathons do.

When on the ride,you see a few wild passion fruits which are already purple and you can’t help but get a few to satisfy your itching taste buds.

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