A movie night or a walk at the park?

well lets see…

A movie night is too damn good especially when they are having those action movies or a scary ghost movies of your choice…am sure you really wanna be scared for atleast to say the movie had achieved its role as being `scary ”

And now you when getting out of that movie theater,you will be sweating scared and maybe some pee just passes out to your lingerie.

Then you get out of the theater only to find a bright moon shinning,stars all over the sky and there is the sound of insects chirping all over not forgetting the frogs reminding you of the river nearby just down the road.

The smell of the fresh air from the nearby trees and the river intoxicates you and you just want to stand there and get rid of the sweat you had from the movie theatre and those chilling scenes from that movie and you want to leave them just there and enjoy this fresh and calming air

Just as you take a few steps,you meet up with your friend who’s been watching the magic of moon and starts,you call them but they are soo deep in the scene that they cant hear you.

You follow up their gaze and when you look where they are looking at,you too are carried away by the magic of the moon and stars without notice..

So is it a movie night for you? or a walk in the park?…..be wise

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