Nature….the best medicine for humans

Have you ever been so stressed to a point where you are losing it then you happen to take a nature walk in the woods or along any large water body when the sun is rising or setting?…I bet you have.

Take for example when you went fetching for firewood in your small home would take forever, especially when you step in the middle of different kinds of trees,they emanate different scents which you can’t tell but thinking of it,it calms your mind and you even want to get deep into the woods because you cant help it.

There is also the breeze from different trees,some shedding off their leaves and falling off onto your body and it gives you those vibes..

When it rains after a nice sunshine,there is that scent which is emitted by different plants and trees wanting you to spend a night at those woods but not forgetting the strong aromatherapy from the soil…oooh you might spend a century wanting to smell it to eternity…..very fresh, enticing to your taste buds..i guess you know that smell and if you don’t…….you just need to

You know,people like me who’ve been born and raised in the mountains for a very long time, never get to understand and appreciate the very unique environment we have because you are always like..uhm..its just normal untill the time you relocate to the City and experience a totally polluted environment both in water and the damping sites here and there,sewage bursting, no trees to clean up the air and you’re like..ooh i need to get back to my village ASAP.

so do you think you should be planning for your next mountain climbing gears or you are set with your bikini to the coastal campsites?

21 thoughts on “Nature….the best medicine for humans

  1. So true dear, you just reminded me of the good old days, spending alot of time in those woods,,, that fun can never be compared to city life. Awesome 😎 article with a brilliant idea from a great writer. Keep up the good work dear. All the best in your endeavors

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  2. I agree with this, what I miss and do despite my age when I go where I was brought up is to take that nature walk and go to the stones of Mwikholo water stream where I enjoy seeing small fish and frogs in clean n clear water white birds flying and singing sweetly.

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