Imagine a wedding proposal at the great Rift Valley view point

I bet this sounds as romantic as the view itself or don’t you think so.

Imagine you have taken a trip with the love of your life to the great Rift Valley in East Africa and to be specific on the Kenyan view point?

Then you have all the opportunity to entice your eyes and brighten your mood by the stunning look at the environment..mountains,lakes,Rivers,crater,animals and all sorts of birds in the Rift Valley.

When it comes to the sunset,you happen to be just in the perfect view of one of the lakes at the great Rift like the Naivasha,Nakuru,lake Bogoria or Elementaita,The pink color of the Flamingo’s through the sunset reflection just brightening up your mood and then you turn trying to convince the love of your life to look at the beautiful scenery only to find him kneeling and he pops up the question????

Am sure you would even start a TikTok video just to remember that moment soo well.

After the proposal,you are taken to a ride towards the lake where you happen to meet both white and black rhino’s which maybe you’ve never actually seen them.

In the night,of course in one of the best suites of the best hotel’s balcony,you happen to be watching the stars and admiring them when the moon appears from the clouds and shine above the lake reflecting back to your face d you are just mesmerized by the stunning view..

ooh and i almost forgot about the picnic date at the shores of one of the lakes with the company of Flamingos…whoa that sounds amazing.

so should I be expecting one of the greatest proposals from this side….i bet i should.

Make sure you don’t forget the best camera to capture this moment coz the world would love to see it.

4 thoughts on “Imagine a wedding proposal at the great Rift Valley view point

  1. I can’t imagine proposing at the Great Rift Valley view point alafu aseme NO, Some of us have fear of rejection from what we see online and from the historical relationship of people we know.🤣🤣🤣

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