Just about to get my Romeo and then boommm…..

lately,av been having early mornings and i mist confess it’s doing me more good.

Something that av been craving for a very long time now i can be able to enjoy it as much as i can

my early mornings been of great fresh air intake and the aroma of the fress wet grass and trees when they are dripping their dew on the soil then the aroma of the dry soils mixed with dew gets to your nostrils and it always takes my breath away.

From a far i can see the sun rays forming with its mixed colours and the sky looks fresh and circle at the same time.and there is always no other place i want to be ,just standing on the roofto looking at this beauty it automatically becomes the best stress therapy that we have in this world.

When the darkness sets in,its the perfect time to watch the star’s, cities ilumination from ,moon,street lights, etc .

during this time of the year,winter, nothing much to look at the sky at night but i can assure you the cold fresh breeze that you get after stepping into the rooftop or just taking a walk in a view youre able to admire the beautiful cities….. then thats an automatic jackpot to your heart

come take a nature walk with me.

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