and he just disappeared in the darkness….

I looked back and i saw him,,yes i did see him and since i couldn’t believe my eyes,i looked back again and i can see him following me with his big steps

I called out the name of Jesus loudly and i jeld my rosary tightly to ly heart as i ran faster and faster to get to where there was light but he was still following me.

He was in a full black gown covered from his head to toe and i couldn’t see any physical features at all but i could feel him staring at me and all the shivers ran down to my spine and i was like in a daze,traumatized and froze at the look of him,its like i could see him clearly but he was covered in black and all that i saw was fear.

After running for quite some time while still praying, i looked back and he had already disappeared to the darkness and i was in a field filled with good people and my heart relaxed immediately as i couldn’t see him or feel his look on me.

Now i just need a nature walk to calm my nerves….

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