Hmmm……That must be my moon flowers blooming

I always have this behavior of sleeping in my sitting roombwith my kitchen window open which am sure most of us do and it always brings that fresh breeze to the house.

Last night i did leave my kitchen window open and in the middle of the night i could hear some movements in the kitchen so i got curious and woke up to peep through tje pinhole of the key.

Immediately i stepped at the door definitely with the smallest steps i could,i was immediately struck with this aromatic fresh breeze and i immediately knew it must be my moon flowers blooming.

The smell was soo intoxicating that i had to stand still for a few seconds to intake as much aroma as possible, because in this world nothing can beat the aromatherapy especially from plants and flowers and the morning and evening breeze.

I almost forgot i was looking for something in the kitchen,I push the door slowly not wanting to create any attention only to find my cat playing with the small ball i had forgotten to pick it up.

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