Its Just over…?

Are yoy sure of what you’re saying Debbie? he is really a heartless person and he looks like the most innocent man in this world…. Jacky said as she seemed astonished and mad at the same time.

Jacky could not believe that Julius would cheat on her friend with another man…she really never expected that in her whole life she was indeed heartbroken.

Debbie looked down and a clear tear dropped from her eyes as she tried to conceal her disappointed and anger.

Jacky,you know men really do change alot,the person you knew yesterday is not the same person for today ,there is just little to know about them.and they conceal alot that you can’t know untill you live with them.

i really do wish it was a dream because it seems so surreal but anyway why don’t we take a walk to the woods? hmm…al

Okey thats awesome its the only thing that calms me down….the fresh cool breeze is just an amazing things for me.It gets down in my system to the spine this should be put as the most calming, relaxing and depression killer ,it gives you gime go think about yourself.

Debbie says as they walk through the woods and gets to the small manmade lake which has already grown water Lillie’s and they are already sprouting….ooh wow look at that, isn’t it amazing looks like you can float on it…. picking up pebbles and throwing them to the lake as she remembers how her love life with Julius ended…

Calm down darling, your peace of mind matters alot and your mental health…jacky says ,”from now on,i don’t want to see you thinking about him,hmm”. They walk back as they enjoy the fresh Air and the smell of the woods as Debbie’s promises herself not to let anyone else dissapoint her again.

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