…. what’s the worst birthday surprise to expect

“Debby, Debby hurry up come over please i cant tale this anymore hurry up and have a look,” Kerry, Debbie’s best friend called her at midnight, What is it Kerry you always like to disturb my sleep always hmm, I must get even with you soon, anyway send me the location I will board a cab in a few.

Debby hurries out to get to her best friends house as she thought she might be in need. On the way,her cab got into an accident and she started cursing over and over again,she couldn’t understand why Just today when her best friend needed her the most.

Kerry call’s Debby again when she was changing into another cab as she Wanted to know why she was taking soo long to arrive,she ignored the call and headed directly to her friends house without even knocking,she got in and she shouts Kerry’s name …”Young Woman,why don’t you lock the door is ut soo hard for you to do that…..I will come with thieves one day”

She gets out of her bedroom with just a bathrobe wrapped around her body,and her messy hair with her sleepy eyes,”besty, thankyou for coming,i have a surprise for you….am sure you don’t even remember you just turned a year older a few minutes ago hmm…”

“ooh i forgot by the way……thanks for reminding me as you always does..(she giggles) okey come with me to the bedroom.

Debbie’s follows her best friend to her bedroom,on opening the door,she is astonished with what she sees ….”am i dreaming,What is Alex doing asleep on your bed?”What’s going on here?

Kerry smiles mischievously while clapping her hand’s”bestie,i thought i should surprise you for your birthday do ….. isn’t this a good surprise”?….ooh and by the way am tired of pretending but I guess its the right time you know that Alex here and me,your best friend are a couple…… thankyou for the money and care you’ve been showing him but am tired of tolerating you being with my man……now you can leave at least I have given you the best surprise.Bye bestie”.

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