Why should you buy new clothes always when you can do thrift?

I know most of us loves shopping especially for new clothes and shoes yes but why not thrift.?

This is why you should shop at a thrift store near you…As most of you know since the Covid 19 pandemic,most people around the world lost their jobs and soo many lives were lost too and ghe economy slightly went down and so many people right now are struggling to pick up again.

So when you pop in to a thrift store near you,you will be guaranteed to save money first right? Compared to the prices of new items of the big brands in the market,you can absolutely get them at a discounted price on a thrift store and get to save from 30 to 70% and definably you get to choose the style that will favour you depending with the season.

When you also buy the second hand items, firsts you bring the fashion back then as they say “old is s gold” Most of those items are strong and have the best materials compared to new ones

Then shopping second hand items definitely will save the environment that we live in i know most people will be asking how, Did you know the materials used for making a new clothes,that is energy and water can indeed give 29 years of your life…so if you save the water and energy,there will be no carbon released in the air and also we will be able to save a lot of water and energy to keep our environment clean and will have energy too. Don’t you think thats a great idea?

No pollution…Yes ,if you and me buy from a thrift store,believe me there will be no materials on the streets,some blocking water sewage systems,some hanging on trees and some getting into animals systems after swallowing..

So you see its a win win situation for both you and the environment that we live in and am sure you would want to save each and every coin that comes your way,Right?Can we atleast join hands and save our environment?

Tell me what you think of thrift clothes

2 thoughts on “Why should you buy new clothes always when you can do thrift?

  1. After pandemic life got extra hard,buying cloths is more like leisure but with seconf hand atleast mist people will do better and look perfect

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