living one day in a bee’s life

I really do love the sound of this.Imagine all the sweet memories you’d make hoping from one flower to the other, smelling those bright freshly shinning flower petals from different colors,scents,and also the taste of the nectars.

Imagine waking up in the morning when the sun is just rising and what you start seeing is those yellow flowers brightly opening up and you have that opportunity to just move closer it and have a smell .. hmmm

Am sure your mood is already bright by the thought of this.Then you walk through the bright sunflower garden when they have already opened up for you to feed your eyes and brighten your mood…Or you happen to walk in a tulips farm , walking through the flowers, smelling all the sweet aroma of the nectars while the wind is blowing smoothly making the pollen grains from the flowers to fly away.

Maybe you had a very busy day at work and then you happen to be just in time for a walk down the stream when the sun is almost fading away,you get attracted by the enticing smell of the River before you see the colorful moonflowers folding up to end their day.

Ooh and maybe you happen to have your phone lenses on for a sweet selfie with that background,i guess this would be my wallpaper for life.

4 thoughts on “living one day in a bee’s life

  1. For me, living one day in a bee’s life I would go directly to people who envy my blessings and sting them in their eye pupils so that they don’t see my blessing again.🤣🤣🤣

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