can poor communication be the main source of domestic violence?

Well,poor communication is among the most common causes of domestic violence.

When you look at communication in a different aspect,like in solving one of the couples disagreements,when applied effectively,they will solve their issue properly with no escalation of words or physical altercation.

Then when there is no communication at all or there is no effective communication,where no one is listening to another or there are things to be shared out between the couples but they tend to ignore them,or nobody wants to understand the other,it will reach a point where there might be verbal, physical or emotional attacks which would have been avoided by just effective communication.

Also,incase of a heated argument that might result to physical,its better to walk out and give the other party time for them to calm down,which might bring them back to their senses and call for a better ways to solve a problem

In other words,as much as there might be soo many reasons out there that cause domestic violence, some can be avoided using simpe effective communication and lending other a listening ear.

6 thoughts on “can poor communication be the main source of domestic violence?

  1. Certainly, poor communication is a major factor. Many people are so determined to get across their viewpoint, they do not hear what the other person has said. Listening is hard. Attention spans seem to be very short in today’s world.

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  2. From history nothing works, if you have poor communication or not, women tend to bring up issues that you might have addressed months/years ago, in summary, women never forgive and forgets, it’s 100% any issue will crop up despite how you’ll address it specifically if it’s tied to you, us men we forgive and forget but women NOPE and that’s why you call it poor communication

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    1. ooh wow that’s i believe communication is a two way traffic you have to understand each other and come to same conclusion about a certain issue,but when that is not met,it becomes poor communication


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