why depression is more common in men than women…

In the recent years,there has been an increased number of men who’ve ended their own Life and some other have come out on their struggle with depression

first of all,the society has to be blamed for this,you see in our society setting,men should be and are the pillars of the family,a man is expected to be strong in every aspect of life.

Also the phrase that many use `mwanaume ni kujikaza”,has also led to men’s silence even when they are in dire need and are almost in their breaking point but can’t talk to no one and share their issues.

When a man now has reached his breaking point,they will always drink up and feel like their problems are half sort then they get addicted to drinking, and they cant be productive anymore and before they even get to know it,The damage has already been done.

Despite of the societies high expectations of a man to be always strong and keepings their problems to themselves,i think with all that has been going on in the world right now,men should also be given a chance to express themselves.And encourage them to share their weaknesses before it’s too late

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