how well can you know that you’re dealing with a narcissist…

Recently, many people have come out to admit that indeed they are dealing with a narcissist or have ever dealt with one in their lifetime.

well, narcissist’s are very domeneering human beings either male or female who always think and believe it’s all about them and that they are always right.

They are the kind of people who you can confuse them at first because of how loving and caring they are pretend to be but in a very manipulative way and if you are not well aware of their trait,then you will fall into their trap.

They nature their target into believing they are the best people around,detach their target from the reality and instill another thought that whatever they say is always right and must be followed.

In many relationships with a narcissist,they will tend to advise their partners that all of their friends and family are always on the wrong and they will manipulate them to cut all the ties with them so that when the attack time comes,the target won’t have anyone by their side to defend them and they can also be implicated on the act.

You will find that in this case,if at all the narcissist cheats on their partner, they will deny it and attribute the act to their partner leading them to think they are the ones who caused them to cheat in the end,the partner ends up apologizing for the mistake they never did.

These people are too overbearing and pretend to be so protective and jealous of their targets and also behave like they are being hurt.

There will always be some red flags that will always be seen but ignore them….just be wise and avoid falling into their trap.

In the end,you might end up getting mental break down if you don’t save yourself.

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