why don’t women admit being poor in bed

Women are known to be the ones complaining on how their boyfriend’s, husband’s or their sexual partners are very poor in bed but there is no one who will actually admit that its them who were poor and not the other way.

As women,we always find that close friend to gossip with about how a certain guy is `very poor’ in bed but the big question for me or for most men will always be…..how is she in bed?

In most cases,you will find men doing all the work starting from foreplay to afterplay and the woman will be lying there waiting for work to be done on her not knowing for a good or perfect intimacy,both parties have to participate.

As much as a man is the head of the house,when it comes to intimacy,you are both equal and a woman should also take control to avoid one party being in control.

when both parties become productive,there will be no complaints whatsoever.

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