state of the environment

by Cecilia Karanja

In case you are visiting a certain town in Kenya today, you do not need to ask where it is located as there is some indications along the road.

As you draw near almost every town in Kenya today, a kilometer away you will find all kind of papers, plastic bottles, and other sort of dirt to indicate that you are almost reaching the town.

The plastic bottles and papers in our environment do not decompose making it a huge threat to the environment.

As much as almost everyone knows the threat of these plastic materials in our environment, not everyone takes it into consideration.

Most people in the rural areas will think that burning these plastic materials is the best option as they most do but it’s not.

The plastic materials contain many chemicals which when burnt, are released to the environment and comes into contact with the air.

The fumes from burnt plastic materials are hazardous and can cause brain swelling, they can damage the liver and spleen, they may cause cancer if inhaled and can also cause skin diseases.

All this materials should rather be recycled where by the government of Kenya should provide a recycling firm.

On the other hand, the government should also burn use of plastic papers starting with the supermarkets and other big firms which offers their goods using plastic papers.

The government bodies which deal with environment especially NEMA should also join hands with the government to ensure good disposal or recycling of these plastic materials to reduce dangers in our country.

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