….. Where animals feed from the same plate with kids..

As you take a few walks in the Streets of informal settlement areas in Nairobi, dumping sites, open sewers as well as illegal electric connection are just but a few things that you must come across with.

With the increase of Covid_19 cases globally, restrictions, curfews and also the lockdown, many people especially the hand to mouth are left without any source of income and families are forced to skip some meals during the day to cope with the situation.

When the parents leave their houses in the morning to look for a daily bread, kids are left behind with almost nothing to eat during the day and they are forced to look for something to eat at the dumping sites near them where they find themselves in the company of dogs and other animal’s.

This is therefore creating another channel of infections as most of the used items including masks and gloves are thrown into this sites .

For them its not a big deal and they are used to it but i guess its time for something to be done …..

photo courtesy. Cecilia Karanja
photo courtesy. Cecilia Karanja

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