Taking care of your environment

by Cecilia Karanja

Recently, I visited the nearest dispensary just few kilometers from where I live. When I was approaching the gate, I noticed that the main gate was closed and even the smaller gate had been closed.

I decided to ask the watchman from the gate that neighbors the dispensary but he told me to push the smaller gate which I did and entered.

From a far, I noticed that there are no people on the benches so I thought that I was lucky that I would be treated faster.

I went past the seats and I was almost getting inside, and I heard someone ask, “Are you the only sheep in the desert.”

Having been much shocked I turned and saw a doctor chatting with a friend where she repeated the same question.

Humbly, I walked towards where she was seated and I saluted them and pretended to listen to what she had to say like a small child who was innocent.

During that moment, I had a running stomach and vomiting since I had taken some food which seemed to be have contaminated and I was so sure that I was suffering from cholera.

The doctor seemed not to have mercy on me but I had not remembered that the Nurses have been on strike and I pretended to have flied to the country the day before so that she might have some mercy on me and treat me.

She was not even moved by all that I had to say and she said that I go back and wait for the nurses to return to work for me to go get treatment. I wouldn’t have waited for that long and I had to rush to the nearest private hospital and I got treated.

There have been increased cases of cholera in the recent days in non-formal settlement areas where some of them cannot afford a single medicine or to go to a private hospital.

In this areas, it’s very difficult to avoid cholera due to contaminated water, no proper environmental management, many children don’t wash hands before eating and also many foods are cooked along the open drainage system where flies fly to the cooked foods which increases the spread of the disease.

The big question is left to the government as to what they have done to reduce cholera and also to ensure cleanliness to the non-formal settlement areas to ensure that every Kenyan is given equal treatment.

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