e-waste materials, a danger to health and environment

by Cecilia Karanja

Every homestead in Kenya has an electronic material and most of them when their lifespan expires,most of them are just thrown away in just like other waste materials.

In most cases, children collect then when playing and play with them as they throw them in their mouth and all other sorts of things.

All these e-waste materials like phones,television,computers,printers,watches among others contain very harmful materials which when they come into contact with your body,they cause reactions and diseases.

They contains hazardous  components which are a threat to people’s health and can cause many diseases such as loss of eyesight and cancer,skin infection and also reducing the human lifespan.

Therefore,it is advisable whatsoever to dispose them in a good place or to the experts who have been trained to handle them.

It is also advisable to keep away from children as they have no knowledge on handling them  .

Also the firms which deal with recycling them should educate the public on handling of these materials and also have their contacts so as to be collecting them from the public once they are damaged.




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